The Time-Lord…

As a Time-Lord I head up a team of creatives whom capture moments in time through both video and the art of photography.

Our aim is to explore the boundaries of imagination whilst being relevant to you, your brand and to devise an overall strategy for you.

We can help you to get noticed.

Our Services

Video Services…

We specialise in getting you noticed through promotional videos of your product or service?

We offer a personal service and we have a raft of expertise available.

Whether you require Make Up Artists, Actors, Voice Over Actors, TV Presenters, or Animators, we can meet your challenges.

Alternatively, you may wish to record some short “talking head” type videos of yourself speaking to camera, against a green screen backdrop, with your premises, logo or products behind you with a relevant music track underneath.

We can get you noticed and your clients excited about you and your brand through video.

We also advise upon photography shots, headshots, scripts and full content for your video, along with advice as to where and when video should be placed on social media outlets.

Contact us on telephone number: 0203 195 7730.

View a sample of our work by clicking on the video below.

Business & Life Coaches

Business & Life Coaches…

Getting your message noticed in a crowded market place is difficult.

A promotional video of you and your own brand is essential.

Establishing a social media channel with your audience also gives you an advantage over your peers.

Perhaps you want to sell courses and content online. We have the team on hand to produce the highest of quality video content for your clients.

Whatever your preferences or style, we can match it.

Watch a short video by one of our clients below.

Getting There

getting specific…

Our starting package includes one videographer, a full range of portable video and sound recording equipment and lighting producing up to 4K video, a completed video for your needs, that has been captured either in our studio or on location at your own premises or somewhere else, in suitable format for uploading to your website and social media.

Our fees start from a base level of £475.00 for a final production quality video.

Charges may be levied for travel outside of our immediate area and overseas.

There's More


We also offer other services to you, our client, to meet your commercial and personal media needs.

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